Monthly Archives: October 2009

Internet Archive's BookReader out in the wild

Or, not so wild actually, it’s the Library of Congress!

We were thrilled to see our BookReader on the site today. The Library is using it to showcase of some gorgeous books from their Rare Book Collection, like “A Wonder-Book for Girls & Boys,” “The Baby’s Own Aesop,” and “A Christmas Carol.”

You might also be interested to follow along with a “book in progress” called The Exquisite Corpse Adventure, “an episodic progressive story game” with more than 20 contributors.

There’s information about the BookReader software on the Open Library site if you’re code-y too. We love it when the BookReader gets used!

Happy Birthday M. K. Gandhi

I was listening to the radio over my morning coffee this morning when I heard that today is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi‘s birthday. I thought I’d have a peek and see if Open Library holds references to any of his writings. Turns out we do.

From Third Class in Indian Railways, one of a short series of essays including The Moral Basis of Co-operation, published in 1917:

The compartment itself was evil looking. Dirt was lying thick upon the wood work and I do not know that it had ever seen soap or water. (From Page 5)

Or from A Guide To Health, published in 1921.

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