Open Library Service Restored

Open Library suffered an unexpected outage on Thursday that lasted
through the weekend. All Open Library services have now been restored
and no data was lost. We apologize for any inconvenience this outage
may have caused.

On Thursday, the Internet Archive datacenter experienced a power
fluctuation that caused a reboot of our production database server.
Unfortunately, the database did not restart when this machine was
rebooted. Also, due to a misconfiguration, the RAID 10 device did not
automount and we were unable to mount it for some time. We placed Open
Library in read-only mode while we migrated all data to a pair of new

We have received twelve new servers for Open Library and will be
moving all services to redundant hardware in order to improve

Thanks for your patience,
The Open Library Team

4 thoughts on “Open Library Service Restored

  1. raj

    A circuit breaker at the Internet Archive datacenter was tripped on 4/15/2009 due to another power fluctuation, which caused service disruption.

    New servers will help us manage increased load. However, we still need to solve the power issues we are having at the datacenter. This is something we are trying to fix, but we don’t how long it will take.

  2. George Oates

    Thanks, theo – Sorry about that. Yep, we were down for a couple of hours, and should have posted to the blog to let people know. We’ll do that in future.

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