Open Library Scheduled Hardware Maintenance

Open Library will be down for 3 hours starting from Dec 24, 10:00PM SF Time (PST, UTC/GMT -8 hours) due to a scheduled hardware maintenance.

We’ll post updates here and on @openlibrary twitter.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2 thoughts on “Open Library Scheduled Hardware Maintenance

  1. Roger P. Glass

    Under many of the authors (e.g., Robert Heinlein), many books have disappeared. What is happening?

    Please email me.

    Thank you

  2. John Thies

    Time to pull the 12/24 shutdown notice. it is now 1-07-2015.
    Or, clarify the note that its about a 12-24 shutdown.
    I clicked it because the login was dead.
    BUT, thanks for this great service!

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