Scheduled Downtime (Completed)

By Anand Chitipothu

We’re planning for a scheduled downtime on Sunday, August 5 for migrating our database server to new hardware. Open Library will be unavailable for  about 3 hours during 7:00 PM PST – 10:00 PM PST. We’ll post here when the site’s back online.

UPDATE 8:40PM PST: The migration is  complete. Both and are back online.

10 Responses to “Scheduled Downtime (Completed)”

  1. Unable to access the OPENLIBRARY.ORG site whereas the OPENLIBRARY BLOG site shows that it has been restored. Is my membership still valid? I look foward to your reply.
    Very truly yours,
    Frithjof Moeller

  2. Tarek says:

    The page for accessible books ( ) is not loading.

  3. @Frithjof the site seems to be working fine. What is the error that you see?

    @Tarek The accessible books page seems to loading fine for me. Can you try again?

    • To Anand,
      Thank you for your reply. My only access point is by way of the Open Library “Closed” page, “visit our blog” link. Only there can I gain access by way of the Lending Library Barrow Books link. Since I’ve made that discovery, I’ve experienced no obstacles.
      On site and happily reading,
      Thanks again,
      Frithjof Moeller

  4. Tarek says:

    Tried. A page comes up that reads ” Open Library is temporarily offline.
    Please visit our blog for updates about site status. ”

  5. Tarek: Can you try reloading the page? That looks browser caching issue. If reload doesn’t work try resetting the browser cache.

  6. Tarek says:

    Yes, it works now. Thanks.

  7. To Anand Chitipothu,
    Greetings. A new situation has occured in which all attempts to make any transaction throughout the site results in what seems to be an “Error Default Page” and hence no access can be gained. I’ve tried to refresh the pages but I have only one option and that is to log out; which is my next action after this communication. I will, until then, await your reply, if you choose to do so.
    Very truly yours,
    Frithjof Moeller

  8. Frithjof Moeller: Is it still happening? Our solr server went down for a brief time and we restored it almost immediately.

    If it is still happening, can you please send the screenshot of the error page to anand-at-archive-dot-org?