Rest in peace, Aaron Swartz

Aaron Swartz committed suicide yesterday (Jan 11, 2013).

The Open Library wouldn’t exist without him. He wrote the backbone of the system you see today, hired the team that built the first version of the website.

He founded Demand Progress, which launched the campaign against the Internet censorship bills (SOPA/PIPA), coauthored the RSS 1.0 specification, cofounded the online news site Reddit, among many other good things.

His death is a great loss to all of us. May his soul rest in peace.

24 thoughts on “Rest in peace, Aaron Swartz

  1. Ivan

    His life is inspiring,ideals are priceless, what he was done it’s so important, thanks for you Aaron! Always in my heart, and mind.

  2. Den Gusakov

    Freedom and equality in the use of global information resources is the only sure way of further development, not only education but also the entire social sphere. People like Aaron are the forerunners of future paths that humanity will have to go. Let there be eternal memory of him!

  3. Alexander Shagaev

    Aaron Swartz was a decent, honest man. Unfortunately the ruling “elite” of modern official “science” is criminal and guided by self-interest does not give people access to the results of recent research. This criminal “scientific elite” slows the progress of science and humanity. Aaron spoke against these criminals. He was a brave man. Rest in peace, Aaron Swartz!

  4. Michele

    There’s a big bug in this world if Aaron have died, and it’s late to thank him for what he did and for the example he has been and always will be. Humans and Humanity thank you, Aaron!

  5. Mohammed

    I tried to write stuff to express my feeling but failed miserably. All I can offer is a tight hug to your dear mother and father.

  6. azuluru

    You have not died Aaron.- You will be always among us .- You simply went away because you needed to be in a higher dimension for doing the most important duties.-
    Be sure you gave us the seeds of a new generation inspired in your mind and heart
    for building the world you dreamed.- God will take care of your parents.-

  7. mirico

    As many, I never knew he lived until I opened an e-mail from WIRED.
    The psychological insanity that is used to drive a nurse and now this
    loving Soul to suicide is an earmark of the immediate need of increased
    spiritual evolution of our human population.

    Cherished loved ones need protection to stay and be and not to go and die.
    Open your heart today to embrace someone you love and needs protection.
    Shield them from harm and confusion.

    This young man cannot be replaced…none of us can. We,as he are powerful spiritual beings.
    In all realities,bless us all.

  8. Maryin

    This does not feel right to me! I was not aware of Aaron’s efforts and what he made possible in so many fields before now .. and so, give thanks for his ability to live on in what he has created.

  9. Richard Aroksaar

    I had the privilige of hearing Aaron speak at the Internet Archive Meeting, hosted by Brewster Kahle, and held at the San Francisco Presidio a few years ago. Aaron wore a t-shirt and was somewhat disheveled, as if he had just gotten out of bed, and his genius was immediately apparent, as soon as he spoke.

    Now I think of him as a mystic also, someone closer to dreamtime than most of us are, most of the time. I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to hear his talk and think that the Open Library may be the living monument to his spirit.

  10. Beverley

    I have only just joined this site. I was having a read through all the info before getting started. I was really in shock when I came across this sadness and loss and to a young man with so much ahead of him.
    I too lost my daughter to the very same out come she was 28yrs old, that was almost 11 years ago.

    It is very hard to over come a loss of your child and suicide is such a hideous outcome of any life.

  11. jeme.

    what a great man,Aaron! This world would have been a better place with more Aarons!
    Thank you,Aaron,R.I.P

  12. Tom McCaffrey

    We are all the poorer for the death of a great man. May the Good Lord comfort his family in their sudden loss. May Perpetual Light Shine Upon His Soul.

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