Monthly Archives: November 2010

KohaCon10 & our API

I’ve just returned from a trip to Wellington where I presented about Open Library to the people assembled at KohaCon10. I had a lovely time meeting everyone involved, and was thoroughly impressed by the community that surrounds this 10 year old, successful open source project. A hearty congratulations to everyone involved! At the end of the conference, we were shown a fabulous Gource source code visualization of “10 years in 10 minutes,” which visualizes 10 years of Koha development. Seriously cool.

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Stability Improvements

The website used to become unavailable for  short durations whenever we deployed new code. This was a due a problem in lighttpd fastcgi handling. Now we switched to gunicorn, a brand new web server in Python, and that solved this problem. Code deploys are now very smooth and this is a major step towards improving the overall stability of the system.