downtime (resolved)

Apologies for the service interruption. Our new Virtual Machine Environment hiccuped this morning, and we’re shaking out the process we need to go through to restart everything smoothly. Covers should be being served normally from using ISBN or other supported identifiers.

I’ll update here if there’s relevant news – hopefully it won’t be down much longer.

Update, 4:00PM PST: OK. We’re stable again now. Damn race conditions in Linux kernels!

Update, 10:00PM PST: The website is down again.

Update, May 17 2:00AM PST: We’re back online now. But, is offline, which unfortunately means that external sites accessing Open Library covers using ISBNs is also offline. Covers on are being served from an alternate location. (We need to wrangle some DNS settings to get this fixed, hopefully within a few hours.)

3 thoughts on “ downtime (resolved)

  1. Charles Hudson

    I am receiving a message about a “Bad Gateway” when I try to access the MOBI version of Walker’s “A Voyage Around the World.”

    Are you still having some issues?

    1. George Oates Post author

      Hi Charles – sorry you found a glitch with that MOBI – we’re looking into the problem, and it *seems* like there might be an intermittent issue with the MOBI file generation scripts that run when someone (like you) requests to grab it. It might work to simply “try again later”, since the issue doesn’t seem to happen consistently.

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