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To bring in the new year, Open Library announced a new feature called the Reading Log which lets you keep track of the books you’re currently reading, have finished reading, or want to read. Over the last two months since we launched the feature, we’ve received promising feedback from our community. Our reading log stats page shows over 53,000 readers have logged more than 100,000 books! It’s even helped us learn which books our community cares most about. The biggest point of feedback we’ve received is that many readers wish there was a way to share their reading log with friends.

As a library, and as readers ourselves, we take reader privacy seriously. We believe everyone should have the right to feel safe and have their privacy respected when they search for and borrow books. So when we launched the Reading Log feature, we decided to make it private by default, so only you can see what books you’re tracking. We also gave readers full control to manage, add, and remove books from their reading lists. We still think this is the right choice and will continue making the Reading Log private-by-default for all new users.

But now, readers have a choice: Announcing the public Reading Log option!

Starting today, users will be able to go to a new privacy page where they can manage their account settings and make their Reading Logs public so they can share it with their family and friends.

How do I make my Reading Log public?

After going to your privacy page, you can click the “Yes” option to make your Reading Log public.

You can then visit your Reading Log and use the Share button to generate a link which you can share with your friends!

We hope the public Reading Log feature will give your friends inspiration as to what they should read next!

2 thoughts on “Share what you’re reading

  1. Jean

    i am excited to do this. this is the first log that i have any interest in looking into. i have started my manual paper log also. thank you, internet archive! jean

  2. R. A. Heddinger

    Saturday, March 17, 2018
    I am excited about this ‘’new edition’’ to the Internet Archive-gives a chance for more of us to participate as opposed to something just on a computer screen. I have been following this website for about seven years, I live below the poverty line and family, and friends pay for the Internet phone for me, place to live and assist food. Have a severe spinal injury and asthma that occurred on the job. It is a struggle when there no human rights in action only on paper and the justice system and police are corrupt will not attempt to observe human rights first and foremost. This is Canada, the United States had Watergate with former Pres. Nixon, and Canada has a problem with not knowing what the term treason means, Changes the Criminal Code in Secret, and secretly refuses to acknowledge the 1929 ruling The British Privy Court that all Canadian women are persons.

    Conclusion to this comment, sharing with other people are reading and what I’m reading gives us a chance to join arms for better human rights and not corporations just looking for money. Money is great but not when it is lethal to a goal in the population explosion to live in harmony as one large family.

    R. A. Heddinger, B.Sc.

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