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European butterflies and moths European Butterflies and Moths

Gawd, this redesign is getting so exciting we can hardly bear it! Metamorphosis, eat your heart out! We’re very close to calling a lot of the new pages finished, although we expect to continue improving things after we do our soft launch.

I found these beautiful plates in a book called European Butterflies and Moths. There’s a huge collection of gorgeous old things in the Smithsonian Libraries collection on archive.org.

This post was somewhat inspired by a juicy thread over on the NGC4LIB mailing list. What is a butterfly?

Choose Your Own Adventure

There is some really lovely stuff happening around the internet about books at the moment. Here’s just one thing I stumbled on that’s absolutely gorgeous.

One Book, Many Readings by Christian Swinehart

It’s a series of visualizations and commentary on what it means to move through a Choose Your Own Adventure book, and what sort of book you end up with if you just construct various scaffolding around places and events instead of providing a directed beginning-to-end narrative.

A graphic from Christian's site about choosing your own adventure books

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