Scheduled Downtime: (Again) 9:30AM PST, 2011-03-10

Original post, 2011-03-07: The time has come for Open Library to migrate fully to the Internet Archive’s new virtual machine architecture. We expect the site to be down for about 2 hours as we move data and update various config files. Please bear with us… there are lots of balls in the air that we need to catch!

Also, we’ll post updates here if the plan changes.

Update, 11:30pm PST, 2011-03-07: Ok! The site’s back online, on brand new hardware. Everything looks about right, and we’re warming various caches and testing performance on various elements. Fingers crossed everything will warm up nicely over the next few hours. Yay!

Update, 9:30am PST, 2011-03-08: Just a little note to let you know that we’re still working on the migration. Our coverstore is struggling, and we’re tweaking our Gunicorn & lighttpd config in the new system. Apologies for the service interruption – you might see covers loading slowly, amongst other things we’re still discovering. More updates as they come to hand…

Update, 8:45am PST, 2011-03-10: Apologies for the short notice, but we’ll be bringing the site offline around 9:30am PST this morning, since we need to downgrade our lighttpd install from 1.4.26 to 1.4.19. The theory is that the newer version is still a bit unstable, and that’s part of the reason the site has been a little “bouncy” since Monday.

3 thoughts on “Scheduled Downtime: (Again) 9:30AM PST, 2011-03-10

  1. Mrs Jean Dagenais

    I have always loved his “Rainy Day Poem”, and would love to get others of his too. What a brave young man he was, I hope you will print everything about him so I can re- read the latest on him. Thank you so much. I just ,love older era’s and being 85 myself I haven’ got much time to know all about him Thanks do much Jean Ps I hope that they will be all ( NOT_IN_COPYRIGH) be put in copyright He deserves that…. Thank you

  2. Stuart Fanning

    Site running very slowly. I cannot upload book covers from my PC but can from websites. Guess needs some time to bed in.

  3. sheo shankar mishra

    i want to deletre one book. give rights to the certified users…so thta they can delete the mismatch books..[or books added by him ]….

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