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Upgrading ‘Accessible’ to ‘Fully Accessible’

The Internet Archive wants to grant universal access to all knowledge. It’s important to note that ‘universal’ and ‘all’ in that sentence aren’t generalities. When we say ‘universal,’ we mean for everybody, and when we say ‘all,’ we mean everything. To that end, Open Library has been conducting ongoing testing with one of our most […]

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Today's Downtime (is over)

We’re going to bring offline at around 3PM Pacific Time to upgrade our database server. If all goes according to plan, this upgrade should take approximately three hours. We’ll be replacing our old spinning platter disks with modern solid state drives as part of a broader effort to improve the overall performance and reliability […]

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jQuery Magic Goes Upstream

When we started to re-design Open Library, we knew that we wanted to make it not only useful, but fun to use as well. Obviously, its usefulness as a resource is dependent on its data, the data integrity, and the participation of interested people like you who want to help to build and maintain an […]

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