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jQuery Magic Goes Upstream

When we started to re-design Open Library, we knew that we wanted to make it not only useful, but fun to use as well. Obviously, its usefulness as a resource is dependent on its data, the data integrity, and the participation of interested people like you who want to help to build and maintain an online library for everyone to use now and in the future.

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Announcing the Open Library redesign

Announcing the Open Library redesign!
Screenshot on Flickr – CC Attribution

Hooray! And yay! We’re very excited to announce the “soft launch” of our brand new Open Library site! This is version 1 of a reconstructed Open Library, and we’re going to keep it “soft” at a special URL until we’re sure it’s stable enough to make the final transition to We’re hoping that will happen soon.

As we mentioned in two previous blog posts [1][2], the main features of the new design are:

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Comparing two classification systems

Carina Nebula Details: The Caterpillar
From the Goddard Space Flight Center , CC Attribution 2.0 Generic

As you may have seen in our recent Sneak Peek post, we’ve been working on new ways to allow you to browse subject headings in Open Library. Edward’s just built a new subject search index too, so you’ll be able to do a keyword search for any/all subject headings that mention that word.

Testing things and looking around, I wondered about comparison between two different systems of classification: Library of Congress Subject Headings (or Authorities) and Flickr tags.

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