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Loading the text of 2 million books into solr

Here at the Internet Archive we’ve scanned millions of books. One of our challenges is helping people find books they want to read. The bibliographic records can be searched in Open Library. If somebody knows the title they can find the book. It would be useful if all the text inside the book was also […]

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Unscheduled maintenance (is over)

Open Library is doing some maintenance. Back in a bit. 09:35AM: And we are back.

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ISBN publisher codes

There can be more than way to say the same thing, for example gramophone record, phonograph record and vinyl records. When libraries write catalog records they pick one of these terms and sticks to it, they use what is known as a ‘controlled vocabulary‘. This makes it easier to browse library catalogs. Traditionally it has […]

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Mathematics in book titles

I’ve just found three books by J. Peter May with descriptions of mathematics notation in the title: E [sign for infinity] ring spaces and E [sign for infinity] ring spectra [The mathematical expression for infinite loop] ring spaces and [The mathematical expression for infinite loop] ring spectra E [infinity subscript] ring spaces and E [infinity […]

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