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Reach Your 2023 Reading Goals with Open Library

Starting January 1st, you will be able to set and track your yearly reading goals with Open Library. You can set your yearly reading goal here! Sending us Feedback Have you noticed a bug with the Yearly Reading Goals feature, have questions about how it works, or have feedback about how we may improve the […]

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A Brand New My Books Experience

Have you noticed our new My Books page experience? Please let us know what you think! Read on to learn more about what’s changed. Forward by Mek This year we’ve had the great fortune of collaborating with Samuel Grunebaum, 2022 Open Library Design & Engineering Fellow. Samuel is wonderfully positioned at the cross-section of software […]

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Search for Books in your Reading Log

by Scott Barnes, 2022 Open Library Fellow As of last week’s deploy, it’s now possible to search the Open Library for the books in your reading log by navigating to the My Books page, selecting the Currently Reading, Want to Read, or Already Read bookshelf, and typing in a search query. Keep reading to learn […]

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How one volunteer is sharing a better reading experience with all of us

For nearly 15 years Open Library has been giving patrons free access to information about books in its catalog, direct to their computers. But for millions of readers across the globe who rely on their phones for access, this hasn’t always presented the ideal mobile reading experience. This year, a volunteer within the Open Library […]

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The Open Book Genome Project

We’ve all heard the advice, don’t judge a book by its cover. But then how should we go about identifying books which are good for us? The secret depends on understanding two things: What is a book? What are our preferences? We can’t easily answer the second question without understanding the first one. But we […]

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